Allahinnatud ! Kendama SWEETS NEXT GEN HG MAPLE – FUCHSIA FLASH COMPLETE Vaata suuremalt


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Six months ago we started working on a new design for Original HG, and we are now ready to share it with each of you. Every change applied to the Next Gen was made for a particular purpose.

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- I increased the width of Sarado for a slight achievement of the gun slingers. Even for those with thicker fingers! - I've increased cup sizes for lighter lunches. - The ring stall has become more pronounced for easier lances and a better balance - Handlestall has been increased for easier stalling and phenomenal lighthouses. All together forming one of the most progressive kendames we have built. We've relied on the original HG form for a long time and will still be for sale, so if your favorite form is worry-free ???? But if you want to try something new that changes the way you play, try Next Gen. Each box of HG Kendama includes a HG bandana, a plant a tree badge, an extra tag, a batch, instructions and stickers

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